About Felipe Polo

Tech Entrepreneur, Board Advisor and Investor

Felipe Polo is a tech entrepreneur, board advisor and investor with M&A experience, who helps organisations align their tech, teams and business strategy.

Felipe brings over 15 years of experience building high-performance teams internationally to the role, transforming organisations through digital products and modern software delivery processes, using technology as a business lever and mentoring teams to enable them to reach their full potential.

Felipe’s expertise lies at the intersection between people, tech and business, which puts him in the rare position of being able to advise businesses as they react to a volatile economy and an ever-evolving business landscape. Decision making, risk management and leadership are all among the key factors that determine which business will thrive and which will struggle.

Felipe co-founded leading software development company GuideSmiths in 2014 and launched the Madrid office in 2016. Having built the business from scratch, GuideSmiths quickly thrived and in March 2021, Felipe and his co-founder, Glenn O’Grady, sold to DCSL Software for the sum of £12.3m, creating DCSL GuideSmiths.

Felipe remains with DCSL GuideSmiths as a board advisor, supporting the strengthened business which doubled in size and turnover with the acquisition. Felipe is also a board advisor and board member of corporate consulting, accounting and legal services provider, Afianza, advising the firm on implementing technology to accelerate its operations and growth.