About Felipe Polo

Entrepreneur · Business Angel

I am an innovative Entrepreneur and Business Angel who has a passion for building winning teams and scalable organisations.

My career started with a bunch of organisations that taught me how NOT to lead teams, projects and companies. That nearly got me out of the software industry - until I was lucky enough to move to London, where my life completely changed: I understood there is a right way to set a working culture and SYSTEMS - only through building communities of highly motivated teams.

I used that knowledge to co-found a tech company called GuideSmiths in 2014, and launched the Madrid office in 2017. I managed to grow a development team up to 120+ people from scratch in 7 years and 3 countries. GuideSmiths quickly thrived and in March 2021 we sold our business to DCSL Software, creating DCSL GuideSmiths - now One Beyond.

After the GuideSmiths venture, I came to realise how key building a great team is when it comes to growing, scaling up and selling a company. I learnt there is science behind the creation of high-performance teams, and so I created my new project Team Hackers to help other businesses scale up.

I also invest in Startups as Business Angel and try to help them through mentoring in accelerators like Seedrocket, Demium or IE Venture Lab.